Pte George Sidney Rowe, 75th Battalion

Portrait of George Stanley Rowe

George Sidney Rowe had just turned 18 when he enlisted with the 84th Battalion, along with 6 of his friends. The group was divided when the 84th Battalion was broken up for reinforcements in the summer of 1916, and Rowe was sent to the 75th Battalion along with his friends Frank Brugger, Bill Vohman, and Stanley Martin.
Brugger was the first to be wounded, shot on 6 September near St Eloi and in hospital for the rest of the war. Rowe and his remaining two friends fought with the 4th Division, which eventually captured the whole of the Regina Trench system in the last two weeks of October. George Rowe was killed in action on 18 November, when the 4th Division took Desire Trench; he was 19 years old.
Of the four friends in the 75th Battalion, only Stanley Martin survived unwounded. Frank Brugger was discharged as unfit in 1918 after two years in hospital, and Bill Vohman was killed at Vimy Ridge on 9 April 1917.


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