In honour of Vimy 100, we have prepared two new online exhibition hosted through Google Cultural Institute.  Click here to see them now.

Image: (Left) Bessie Atkinson c1914-1917, Wadena, Saskatchewan. Loan of S. Bailey and J. Bradford. (Right) [Harry White] Norman Lang, 65th Overseas Battalion (Saskatoon Daily Star Job Dept. 1916). 12 Rare D 547 C2 65th, Hartland Molson Library, Canadian War Museum.
After eight weeks of following Cpl. Harry White to Vimy through his letters, we complete our special presentation with an interactive exhibition. Dear Bessie: A Wartime Love Story is immersed with images, maps, and sounds, transporting us from Wadena, Saskatchewan to Vimy, France.
The Centennial Story Vimy Ridge 9-12 April 1917 reviews this key moment of Canadian history.

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A photo of a destroyed dugout near or at Mount Sorrel in the Ypres Salient.

“It was simply Hell!”: The Battle of Mount Sorrel, June 1916

On June 2nd, 1916, the Battle of Mount Sorrel began. Overshadowed by the larger battles of 1916, Mount Sorrel was nevertheless an important action for the still young Canadian Corps.The opening day was the 3rd Division’s “baptism by fire” and the fighting, particularly the Canadian counterattack on June 13th, taught valuable, but costly, lessons.

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