Our mission is to engage young minds

The Canadian Centre for the Great War provides hands-on workshops, using objects and archives from its extensive heritage collection, for students in grades 9 to 11.

Are you teaching the First World War? Do you want to help your students engage in a tactile way with the social history of the period?

During a 30-minute learning activity students will: 

  • Use their critical thinking skills to identify objects from the First World War and place them in their historical context 
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of primary sources in historical study 
  • Further develop their sense of historical empathy 

Workshops emphasize the interpretation of social phenomena using historical method.

Aligned with
History of the 20th Century Program – Competency 1 and 2
of the Quebec Education Program.

Themes include:
“Life in the Trenches”
“Army Censorship”
“Propaganda and Fake News”
and “Documenting the World War”.
We also facilitate custom workshops.

The Future is in Motion

The museum of the future will not be based in a building with the expectation that the public will visit; it will go out into its community, engaging patrons in their own environments and bringing culture back into the public sphere. We see the Centre as a facilitator of spaces, bringing its collections to non-traditional venues and staging pop-ups across Canada. The Centre places the First World War firmly in the realm of public life.