The CCGW/CCGG stages in-house, online and travelling exhibitions that explore Canada’s First World War experience in new and creative ways. Contact us if your organization is interested in hosting one of our travelling exhibitions at curator@greatwarcentre.com









3 thoughts on “Exhibitions

  1. I would like to mention that, Dr. Cluny Macpherson, the chief MO of the Newfoundland Regiment devised a primitive, yet effective gas mask to combat the German use of this evil that killed and maimed many allied soldiers. It went on to be perfected and saved many more from death and suffering. MacPherson’s mask was made of light cotton, rubber and a plastic-like material. It is illustrated on page 518 of ‘The Museum Called Canada – 25 Rooms of Wonder’ by Charlotte Gray, Random House Canada, 2004


  2. Thank you for your comment Ron! I did see quite a bit about McPherson’s smoke helmet, but ended up running out of room after I remembered that the article was supposed to be about medical treatment and not the development of gas masks. Fodder for another post!


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