A battle with two victors: The Battle of Jutland

[Jutland medal] c. 1916, Spink & Son Ltd. Collections CCGW/CCGG
Jutland medal [c. 1916], Spink & Son Ltd., Collections CCGW/CCGG.
Aside from the naval attempt to force the Strait of the Dardanelles, the Battle of Jutland was the largest naval engagement of the First World War. Unlike the Second World War, the First did not see the pitched battles between fleets, such as those between the American and Japanese navies. Part of this was a desire on the German side to avoid engaging the British Royal Navy at all, since it was at the time the strongest navy in the world. While the Germans made frequent use of submarines to sink Allied shipping to Europe, aside from Jutland there were really no large scale naval engagements for the duration of the war. Continue reading “A battle with two victors: The Battle of Jutland”