Thinking differently about the First World War

The Canadian Centre for the Great War promotes, and makes accessible, the social history of the First World War in Canada. Using its extensive object collection, online outreach, and travelling exhibition programs, the Centre encourages Canadians to engage with their Great War History in new, and interesting ways.

Our Mission

Our vision is to see Canada’s World War I history placed in larger prominence in Canadian history as a whole, and presented in a way that is inclusive of Canada’s communities today while remaining accurate to the existing historical record. In this context, the mission of the CCGW/CCGG is to preserve, protect artefacts and archives related to the Canadian experience of the First World War and to inform Canadians of the same.

The Centre achieves its mission by:

  • Collecting artefacts and documents significant to the Great War
  • Displaying its collections, through in-house exhibitions  and travelling exhibitions, and loans to national and international museums and heritage associations
  • Liaising with other museums, heritage associations and individuals to ensure the above
  • Participating in diverse teaching, educational and research opportunities
The CCGW has grown from a private collection begun by a local Montréal entrepreneur to a non-profit heritage organisation under the supervision of a board of directors and professional staff. 

Board of directors

The Canadian Centre for the Great War is committed to maintaining a transparent executive culture through its board of directors. The CCGW board includes individuals from a wide range of industries and expertises, all with a strong sense of the importance of Canada’s military experience during the First World War.


Kent Hovey-Smith

Co-Founder, Tidal Health Solutions


Dr. Andrew Beckett, CD MC FRCSC FACS

Canadian Army Medical Services and the Montreal General Hospital

Mark Cahill

Monmet Ltd.

Andrey Hollinger, B.A., B.C.L., LL.B.

Éric Perlinger

Advisory council

Bruce Bolton

Reford MacDougall

Edward McCann

Malcolm E. McCleod

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