The Liberation of Mons and the Signing of the Armistice

The hundred days campaign had forced the German army into full retreat. German morale hit a new low as death, starvation, and sickness eroded motivation to carry on. Nevertheless, German rear-guards continued to show strong pockets of resistance as it retreated towards the city of Mons. On 7 November, the Canadian Corps crossed into Belgium and on 10 November they began their encirclement of Mons in their final battle to recapture a city that had been under German occupation since 1914. Continue reading “The Liberation of Mons and the Signing of the Armistice”


Valenciennes and the Pursuit of the German Army

Following the allied victory at Cambrai, the Germans continued their retreat and made their final stand at Valenciennes. With the Canal de l’Escaut to their west and Mount Houy to their south, Valenciennes offered a strong natural defensive landscape where the Germans could slow their enemy’s advance. This would be where the Canadians would fight their last final battle before the armistice.   Continue reading “Valenciennes and the Pursuit of the German Army”