A Christmas truce on the Western Front

In an otherwise devastatingly violent and inhumane war, the Christmas truce was a series of widespread and spontaneous truces that arose along the Western Front in 1914. Becoming one of the most famous and romanticized events of the First World War, it is said that enemies met in no man’s land, exchanged gifts, took photographs, and played impromptu games of football. In the hundred years since, the truce has lived on as a Christmas miracle. But what was a Christmas truce really like- and how widespread was it actually?

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Oh Christmas Tree: German World War I Christmas Ornaments

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Did you know that until the First World War almost all glass Christmas tree ornaments were made in Germany? Neither did we, though it makes sense since German was the originator of the tradition of having a tree to celebrate the holiday.  Continue reading “Oh Christmas Tree: German World War I Christmas Ornaments”