Hill 70: Our Forgotten Battle

August 15th marked the centenary of the Battle of Hill 70, the Canadian Corps’ next large engagement after their success at Vimy Ridge in April 1917, and their second victory of the year. It is also distinct in that it was the first Canadian battle planned exclusively by Arthur Currie, now the commander of the Corps. So why don’t we know anything about it? Continue reading “Hill 70: Our Forgotten Battle”


“Three Hearty Cheers”: The HMCS Saguenay at the Vimy Pilgrimage

Today on the blog we’re doing something a little bit different. The Tri-couleur flag shown above comes from the collections of the Naval Museum of Halifax, and it has a great backstory.  Continue reading ““Three Hearty Cheers”: The HMCS Saguenay at the Vimy Pilgrimage”