“Fake News’’: A World War I Phenomenon

After the American election last fall, we all came into contact with a seemingly new trend; fake news. It felt like it was everywhere, the internet was full of contradictory headlines and newspapers struggled to keep up. An article presented as fact one hour was debunked the next, and we suddenly had to come to grips with something we in the West have largely taken for granted for the last 50 years, the news is not always real.  Continue reading ““Fake News’’: A World War I Phenomenon”


Oh Christmas Tree: German World War I Christmas Ornaments

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Did you know that until the First World War almost all glass Christmas tree ornaments were made in Germany? Neither did we, though it makes sense since German was the originator of the tradition of having a tree to celebrate the holiday.  Continue reading “Oh Christmas Tree: German World War I Christmas Ornaments”