Travelling Exhibition 2020-2021

Confined: Reflections On Internment In Canada During The First World War

The interment of enemy aliens in Canada under the War Measures Act ended officially in 1920, two years after the Armistice; but its legacy remained throughout the 20th century, with further internments in the Second World War, and the use of the War Measures Act during the FLQ Crisis of the 1970s.

“Confined” considers the hows and whys of interment during the First World War through the following thematic questions:

  • Who was the targeted population and how where they interned ?
  • What was the public perception of internment ?
  • What were the products of internment ?
  • What is the legacy of internment in Canada ?

Logistics & Costs
“Confined” consists of six (6) 4’x7′ stand-up panels, with two feature artifact cases. The exhibition is self-storing and does not require shipping crates.

Min. 200 sq.ft with additional storage space for one (1) shipping pallet.

The hosting institution is responsible for transport to their space.

Loan Fee
$1500 with insurance included. Organizations that demonstrate financial need may apply to have the fee reduced.


A modular and flexible exhibition

Hosting institutions can arrange the exhibition panels and display cases according to the space they have. While six (6) 4’x7′ panel frames are provided, it is up to the host to decide how many they use. Information panels can be displayed on both sides of a frame (double sided) or on one side of the frame (single sided). A combination of both can be used. As long as all six information panels using the frames provided and two cases are displayed, there are no specific rules on how the exhibition has to be set up.