The Drill Rifle: Training Recruits in the CEF

When the war broke out in August 1914, Canada only held 16,796 rifles on hand. [1] As Canadians rushed to recruiting stations in staggering numbers to enlist, the Department of Militia and Defence was confronted with the overwhelming challenge of training new recruits without a sufficient amount of rifles. In response, CEF units in Canada were often issued with obsolete weapons.

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Guest post: Lieutenant Henri Hervé Moreau

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We’re very excited to bring a guest post to you today, in advance of the centennials of the battles of Thiepval and Regina Trench, by Diane Moreau Hemmings, the niece of Lt. Henri Hervé Moreau of the 22nd Battalion (Canadien-français).   Continue reading “Guest post: Lieutenant Henri Hervé Moreau”